The 2018 校友荣誉堂 class has been selected!

感谢评选委员会和所有参与提名第二届校友荣誉堂的人. It is a with great pleasure that we announce these six Alumni who exemplify Curiosity, Courage, Concern, 在日常生活中的领导和正直.

Jim Irving serves as Co-Chief Executive Officer of J.D. Irving, 有限公司(JDI), a diverse family owned company with operations in Canada and the United States. 成立于1882年, JDI’s 15,000+ employees are engaged in a spectrum of business segments, 包括林业, construction, shipbuilding, 运输, 以及一系列的消费品. JDI’s head offices are located in Saint John and Moncton, New Brunswick.

吉姆在海德大学待了四年,1967年入学,1971年毕业于海德大学最后一个男生班. 他在巴斯四年的个人成长反映在这样一个事实上:在获得了“年度最佳新生”的荣誉之后——由高年级学生投票选出——他在大四那年继续指导新生培训. 作为一名校队运动员(足球和长曲棍球),他还表现出了他未来的商业智慧,并成为了大厦的商业经理和学生澳门葡京官方游戏平台委员会的成员.

After Hyde, 吉姆接着去了纳撒尼尔霍桑学院(NH),在那里他获得了工商管理和政治学学士学位. 他在JDI的任期实际上是在他上大学的时候开始的,当时他在缅因州和加拿大的森林深处度过了夏天, learning about forestry from roots to branches in a most literal sense.

Jim serves on the board of The Lahey Clinic in Massachusetts. 他的社区工作包括领导加拿大自然保护协会和蒙克顿大学的资本运动. He is also a founding partner of CAST – the Collaboration for Atlantic
Salmon Tomorrow – engaging universities, government and industry in the cause of saving

Jim and his wife Lynn live in Saint John and are the parents of four 成年子女.

詹姆斯Grasty 73
James Grasty是副总裁 & Asst. General Counsel at Merck, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Arriving at Hyde in 1970 as the first student from The Boy’s Club of New York, 詹姆斯在课堂上表现突出, on the athletic field (as captain and MVP of both basketball and track), 作为一个音乐家(小号), 作为一个校园领导. 在他的海德毕业典礼上, 他的三年澳门葡京官方游戏平台是这样描述的:“詹姆斯已经成为了学生团体的优秀领导. 他的领导能力在个人咨询中得到了最大的体现.” He graduated in 1973 with The Hyde Award for exemplary development of character.

After Hyde, 詹姆斯从布朗大学毕业后,又在天普大学法学院获得法学博士学位. Since beginning his legal career in the Philadelphia City Solicitor’s Office, he has been a corporate attorney for over 35 years.

James has given back to Hyde in a number of respects: as a summer intern during college, 1985年毕业典礼演讲嘉宾, 作为海德理事会的成员.

Those who remember James will not be surprised that he also gives back to his community. 他曾在他所在的教堂担任一个青年男子辅导项目的联合主管,该项目为8至18岁的男孩提供咨询和指导, 他们中的大多数人都没有父亲. 通过宾夕法尼亚法律援助网络, 他积极参与一项正在进行的倡议,为低收入的宾夕法尼亚州人提供法律服务.

James and his wife Angelina live in Collegeville, PA and are the parents of two grown daughters.

Robert Irving serves as Co-Chief Executive Officer of J.D. Irving, 有限公司(JDI), a diverse family owned company with operations in Canada and the United States. 成立于1882年, JDI’s 15,000+ employees are engaged in a spectrum of business segments, 包括林业, construction, shipbuilding, 运输, 以及一系列的消费品. JDI’s head offices are located in Saint John and Moncton, New Brunswick.

Robert spent three years at Hyde, entering as a sophomore in the fall of 1970. 当他1973年毕业时, 在他的毕业典礼上,他在这所学校的任期被概括为:“罗伯·欧文这个名字已经成为真诚的象征, diligence, 还有澳门葡京官方游戏平台的幽默.” He has carried these three qualities with him ever since.

After Hyde, Rob在加拿大阿卡迪亚大学继续深造,获得工商管理学士学位,并当选为班长.

除了他在JDI的职责之外, 罗伯特也是蒙克顿野猫队的主席, 魁北克青少年曲棍球大联盟的特许经营权. Active in a number of causes in the Maritime Provinces, Robert lends his expertise to The Moncton Hospital, 大西洋癌症研究所, 以及蒙克顿大学.

Robert resides in Moncton, New Brunswick with his wife Jill and their four

Youth Mentor & 社区领袖
For decades, Al McClain在整个大波士顿被公认为来自各行各业的青年的坚定倡导者和敬业的导师. 无论是作为波士顿各个青年组织的教练和主管,还是波士顿凯尔特人队的社区关系顾问, 阿尔已经帮助数百名男孩和女孩开发他们的潜力,成为成功和满足的成年人.

His respect is perhaps best expressed by a recent Hyde alum from Boston, one who did not know that he and Al shared Hyde in common:

“Al ‘Ski’ (What we [Bostonians] call him) is a great man. 在波士顿很有名. 我经常见到他,并不知道他上的是澳门葡京官方游戏平台……我记得他会来澳门葡京官方游戏平台的中学给澳门葡京官方游戏平台这些贫民区的孩子们做励志演讲,让澳门葡京官方游戏平台远离毒品和帮派. 他是波士顿的传奇人物.”

艾尔也是海德学院的传奇人物, known especially for his exploits on the basketball court where he led the blue & 新英格兰预选赛的首枚金牌, thanks to a 52-point performance for the ages against Suffield Academy in the finals. He was also known for his creative efforts with pastels in art class. Few Hyde students have packed as much into a single year as did Al as a post-graduate student.

后,海德, 阿尔就读于新罕布什尔大学,以校史上得分最高的成绩毕业,并在NBA第6轮被休斯顿火箭队选中. 从新罕布什尔大学毕业后, 他被荣幸地选择到新罕布什尔体育名人堂,他的第41所高中已经退休,他在海德之前就读的学校:波士顿的新使命高中.

从大学时代起, Al has lived and worked in Boston surrounded by friends and family, 包括两个从海德大学毕业的兄弟姐妹——1982年毕业的阿尔曼达和1983年毕业的韦斯——他们为麦克莱恩这个名字在篮球场上和整个社区增添了传奇.

丽莎·盖勒于1990年进入海德学院. During her three years in Bath she distinguished herself as a scholar, 获得数学学士学位, science, and languages. She took any and every challenge seriously, earning respect from peers and faculty.

Following her formal education, Lisa embarked on a promising career as an attorney. 就在他的事业刚起步的时候, Lisa was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2010, 导致她离开了她的律师事务所. 在接下来的几年里, 丽莎勇敢地面对一个反复出现的过山车般的恢复期与癌症症状的复发交替出现.
在她与癌症抗争的过程中, 丽莎开了一个名为“鲜奶油难题”的博客,在那里她分享了自己的经历,以造福世界上所有面临癌症的人. She has also shared her story with various media outlets.

所有时代的海德人都会欣赏丽莎的提名者所作的评论:“你会如何评价一个人,他挑战了命运,继续用5个词来表达自己:勇气, Integrity, Leadership, Curiosity, 在他们最困难的时候给予关心, 生命中最黑暗的时刻?”

从海德大学毕业后, 丽莎接着去了米尔斯学院(CA),然后转学到布兰代斯大学,她以优异成绩以B毕业.A. in sociology. She then went to law school at Syracuse, receiving her JD.

在她的旅途中, Lisa made the decision to return to Hyde and begin a new career as an educator. 从大学辅导办公室开始, Lisa已经发展成为一名杰出的政府教师,继承了海德教育的传统,如Ed Legg和Paul Hurd ' 67. 她的教学和她在康复道路上树立的榜样每天都激励着澳门葡京官方游戏平台的社区.

Dr. Shannon Curry is a licensed clinical psychologist serving as Director of the Curry Psychology Group, 这是她在新港海滩创办的一家诊所, CA out of a commitment to bring high-quality psychological services to any and all individuals, couples, 还有寻求个人帮助的家庭. In her effort to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of therapeutic interventions, Dr. Curry has also developed a unique specialization in animal assisted therapy.

After beginning her Hyde education on the Bath campus, 香农加入了一群转到伍德斯托克的先锋学生,以确保澳门葡京官方游戏平台在康涅狄格州的新校园有活力的领导. She was followed by sister, Erin, and she graduated

她在乔治敦继续深造, UC-Irvine, 和佩珀代因, where she received her PhD in clinical psychology, 她的学位论文研究的是受贫困和战争影响的国际社会的创伤干预.

In addition to leading her thriving practice, Shannon has been consistently engaged with Hyde. 无论是在秋季家庭周末的社区演讲,还是为海德咨询项目贡献她的专业知识,与公立寄宿学校的寄养儿童, 她总是帮助个人或团体.


澳门葡京官方游戏平台建立 The 校友荣誉堂 2016年,表彰那些践行了海德教育不可或缺的五个词之一的海德校友:

  • Curiosity   我对我的学习负责.
  • Courage   I learn the most about myself through challenge and taking risks.
  • Concern   I need a challenging and supportive community to develop my character.
  • Leadership   I am a leader by asking the best of myself and others.
  • Integrity   我有独特的潜力. 良知指引我去发现它.

The six inductees to the inaugural 校友荣誉堂 Class in 2016 are:

Nelson Arnstein ’71 – Physician, Astronomer, Marathoner, Photographer
Joanne Goubourn ' 75——教育家
Stuart Jones ’78 – United States Ambassador to Iraq
Beth (Barclay) Livingston ’83 – Artist, Athlete, Teacher
Jessica (Jackson) Sloan ’01 – Human Rights Attorney


Hall of Honor

Craig Mael, Class of 1971, Chair, 校友荣誉堂

Erin Brown, Former  Executive Director of Development
Bath, Maine


Caroline W. 高德,2010届毕业生

Meredith W. 赫德,2004届毕业生


Peter Morrison, Associate Director of Development
Bath, Maine


Andrew Q. 西尔维斯特,2003届毕业生

Peter R. 怀特,1985届毕业生

Aine Zaniewski, 2013届毕业生
Bath, Maine